Build, manage & optimize landingpages with AI.

All in one tool, with a delightful workflow and without a single line of code.

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With our Matrix, you have the opportunity to see landingpages like you've never done before. Create, duplicate and drag-and-drop content blocks just like apps on your iPhone. With the ability to see upto 4 pages side-by-side, you can easily simulate userflows without even once opening a new tab.

Building blocks is super easy. You simply choose from our professional layouts one that fits your interests, select how much variations should be tested and fill in the content. As testing is the heart and soul of sesames, we implement variants into every element. This way you will always be able to get the perfect content out there.

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To, on the one hand, maximize your conversion and on the other hand create more delightful experiences for your site visitors, we made it super simple to personalize your content. Simply create restrictions, based on user-data and traffic source and add a new blocks into these areas. The rest will be done by the sesames-AI. This way you can use one page for a huge variety of placements and settings.

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Set Goals

Instead of creating duplications of pages in order to achieve different goals, we seperat goals from the regular page build and include Call-to-Actions that match your goal, based on where you launch the page. Each goal contains different kind of elements like Sticky-bars and Pop-ups, you can include forms to generate leads and navigate the visitor to an assigned target.

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Launching a landingpage in different enviroments like google ads, a qr-code on your packaging or a simple facebook-post has never been so convenient. You simply create different launches with the same page, choose your area of application and the Goal (CTA) you want to achieve. Our AI takes care of assembling the page for you and makes sure every visitor will get the perfect information shown like they would love it.

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Optimizing is usually done by testing. But instead of setting up test after finishing the page, we put testing and optimizing in the heart of sesames. The sesames-AI not only test different layout arrangements and contents, but even create its on clusters to match each possible variant to a individual visitor. No more A or B, it's A and B now – simply with the right allocation. And when ever there is a lack of variants the sesames-AI automatically creates a new task for you.

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sesames is not just another
landing page builder

We rebuilt the concept of landing pages from the ground up to make you brilliant at what you do.

We specifically designed it for those of you who constantly strive for the best. sesames is excellent. Blazingly fast. And comes with advanced features that will elevate the way you thought of landing pages and optimization. AI Allocation. Content Variants. Automated Optimization. Goal-orientated composition, in-depth target groups, and a vast variety of integrations. To name but a few.

sesames is so fast, delightful, and intelligent — you'll feel like you have superpowers.

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Free till you launch.

sesames is free of charge until you decide to drive first traffic to your pages. You will then get the opportunity to subscribe to one of our plans, that fits your needs best.

Starter-Pack starting at $99
More pricing option to be announced. Join the waitlist for further information.
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For better landingpages & a better world.

We at sesames care a lot about our environment – inside and outside the company. That's why we decided to compensate any CO2 Emission from day one, plus we are groundwater neutral. Certified by the leading standard in Germany.

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Meet the Team

Ole Besendahl

Co-Founder & CEO

Ole is self-employed  since over 8 years, consulted over 50 companies in digital strategy & design. His client list includes Apple, IFAB, JvM, EDEKA, Universal, SIXT and many more

Felix Freudenhammer

Co-Founder & COO

Felix has worked as a designer and product manager & designer for Synowaytion, BMW and was in the design and operation lead at dots App - a surprise & delight marketing platform in Austria.  

Lukas Hofstätter


Developer and Designer for various companies. Specialized in complex machine interfaces. Was the CTO of dots App.

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Advisory Board

Andreas Grabarz

Founder Grabarz & Partner

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Rothbucher

CEO Synowaytion

Christin Friedrich

CEO Innovestment

Dr. Patrick Habertag

President RIBECO

Lukas Brud

Secretary IFAB